How to Prep and Be a Powerhouse During a Recession

'Recession Ready' Your Coaching Business in Just 3 Short Days!

A 3 -Day Masterclass | Created for Certified Coaches & Consultants | Designed to "Set You Up"

An experience that will get you positioned to soar through economic hardships that are predicted for the near future. 

step one


Time to "Take-Inventory"

The best way to get your footing secure is to offer a service that will help your ideal client sail smoothly through a recession.  We do this by "taking inventory".



Implement the Stacking Principle

Having an existing offer or solution that won't help your client through ar recession won't magically bring new customers.  Now is the time to stack solution.

ipad superpower stacking
day 3


Positioned for Next Level

You've up-leveled your business foundation and are recession ready! Now: Let's LEAD like Jesus.

Social Media Marketing is the easiest and fastest way to build a loyal and true following of customers and business partners. With a few simple social media broadcasts you can quite easily zone in on all your future customers and with Social Media Marketing we can show you how.


BONUS TRAINING - How to Sell During a Downturn

The final step in becoming RECESSION READY is to set yourself up for success,  With all of the previous steps you went through above, the only thing left is to master the art of sales.

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