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The Podcast for Faith-fueled Certified Coaches Looking to Build and scale Online Businesses with Ease and Without being techy!

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I Can't Wait For New Episodes!

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Unlocking Divine Nuggets of Wisdom to Help You & Your Business Grow

Are you a certified coach looking to build an online coaching practice Kingdom style?


Are you wondering how to find your first or next clients and build a coaching practice?


Are you finding it harder than expected to leverage your hard-earned certification to build, launch, and scale your online coaching practice?


Do you find it difficult to keep up with the crazy ever-evolving coaching industry?

I've Got You Covered When it Comes to:



Discover growth strategies to become your best self. Let God guide you through challenges, find purpose, balance, and resilience resulting in mindset shifts that will help you succeed.



We'll discuss proven strategies and business foundations. Learn how faith can be the driving force behind your business success while maintaining professionalism, growth, and a touch of luxury.



The driving force and our north star in business. Get Kingdom nuggets of wisdom and biblical principles to help you grow personally and in business.  Grow closer to God as you are "Coached by God".



Whether you are tech-savvy or technology-challenged, we'll navigate the latest tech trends and tools for coaching success. Embrace innovation and automate your business!

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Certified Coaches Doing Business Kingdom Style

Denise Milianta, self-proclaimed mama bear of the coaching industry, Jesus follower, mom, Certified Professional Coach, Mentor, Tech-Trainer, and a faith-fueled business maven with a knack for turning chaos into gold.

Is it difficult for you to keep up with the ever-changing coaching industry? Niches, Offerings, Pricing, Marketing, Content, Strategies, Tech, and everyday life staying connected to God while managing your thoughts and mindset?

If you’re ready to “engage in business” by creating some ripples in the marketplace while making money, then this podcast was made for you!  This is the Podcast for all you faith-fueled certified coaches. The place where life, business, faith, and tech all come together to help you become impactful and successful.  The not-so-tech savvy are welcome here!


Get ready for a dash of sass, a sprinkle of wit, a dose of wisdom, and a whole lot of no-nonsense strategies that will transform your life and your business.  


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I Can't Wait For New Episodes!

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