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Online Directories Provide 100% Returns on Investment!

When you invest your business’ money into advertising, you want to know that it’s going to work. While some campaigns may cost more than others, it still sometimes makes sense to run them because they deliver a high return on investment.  Let\’s face it, when you spend hundreds of dollars on a campaign, you’re hoping to make thousands from the new customers it brings in. In the marketing world, top online directories are the answer when seeking the best returns on investment.

Many online directories are free. Google My Business, one of the leading directories, is entirely free.  Even you are not listed on any other directory, make it a point to put your business listing on Google. Why? Because any lead you capture, and any visitor that’s converted into a customer through Google My Business has a 100 percent return on investment. This is also true with Bing Places for Business, YellowPages.com, and many other large directories that are entirely free to use.

Not all online directories are free; some have small monthly fees, while others can become quite costly. For example, Foursquare has a small one-time fee.

These fees are minimal when compared to the amount of revenue it will bring into your business. Most consumers visit or at least contact a company after finding them in an online directory. And online directories are used a lot. Fifty percent of all Google searches are for a local business.

Putting a portion of the company’s budget towards different marketing efforts is something that can’t be avoided. With online directories, though, it may just be possible due to their incredible return on investment!

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