Providing the Pathway to a Fully Automated and Successful Online Business

Kingdom Empowered Entrepreneur Program (K.E.E.P.)

The Full Experience

The K.E.E.P. Program is a 6-month accelerated coaching, mentoring, and consulting program for Kingdom-hearted coaches that provides the pathway to a fully operational and successful online business in 90 days or less.

Only a vision with clarity, knowledge, and understanding of the “right” strategies needed will get your business up and running online.

This accelerated program provides the roadmap and guidance you need to avoid overwhelm and overstress!

This program is for you if:

  • You are a Certified Coach or a seasoned consultant
  • You have been in business for no more than 3 years and just aren't seeing the results you know you are capable of
  • You are stuck on what your gifts, talents, and abilities are and how to turn them into the niche purposed for you
  • You are not sure who your client is, where to find them, or what to offer them
  • You have no idea how to write copy for your website, marketing materials, and social media posts
  • You have no idea how to build a website or edit the one previously built for you
  • You have no idea what tools and systems you need to start with.
  • You don’t know how to set up an email autoresponder
  • You don’t know how to create an opt-in/lead magnet or how to set it up on your website
  • You have no idea how to find clients

Faith and mindset are two very important pillars that are essential to the success of Christian entrepreneurs.

This is an accelerated program that provides the roadmap and guidance you need to avoid overwhelm and overstress!

Glimpse of the Proven Pathway

Pillar 2 Fruitful Formula

Profit Plan | Pricing | Sales | Launch

Fruitful Formula also includes gaining clarity on all of the "W's".  Why, Who, What, Where.  Having a profit plan that you are confident with will be difficult if these are not articulately defined.

Pillar 3 Craft & Create

Crafting Your Offer | Signature Program |

What Problem Do You Solve?  What Solution do Your Offer? Knowing how to speak to your ideal client and knowing exactly what their pain points are is crucial in content creation.  We'll cover that too!

Pillar 4 Website Wisdom

Website | Lead Magnet | Funnels

Because visitors to a website will decide in less than 3 seconds if they want to stay; we will review your website to be sure all of the major elements are included.  If you do not have a website, we can set you up with one*.


Then the K.E.E.P. Program is For You!

My approach is unique; I am a certified professional and empowerment coach with over 25 years of business and entrepreneurial experience which includes the sales, marketing, strategy, and systems too.

I've titled myself a coachultant because I find it very difficult to leave out the 25 years of experience, trial, and error.  I spent way too many years trying to figure things out and falling victim to every new shiny object. I want to help women avoid going around that same old mountain of getting nowhere fast.  I've learned to simplify the systems and tune out all of the noise about the latest bells and whistles.  I know what works.  I know what doesn't work. I know what works well without having to hire someone to do all of the things needed to run a successful business.  Those are valuable skills I want to impart to my clients.

So with all that being said; my coaching program is a unique blend of coaching and consulting because I really do enjoy getting my hands dirty so to speak.  I am a natural problem solver and solution provider. 

My obsession with words that start with the letter e are all part of what it is like to work with me: I have a zeal for empowering, equipping, edifying, and encouraging/exhorting. others to succeed not only in business but in their personal lives as well.

It's Time to Decide

Step Out in Faith OR remain exactly where you are right now and most likely have been for quite some time now?


Discover Your Purpose OR continue trying to be all things to all people with no success?


Get Clarity & Confidence OR continue to walk around the same mountain of confusion, imposter syndrome, and limiting beliefs?


Put the RIGHT Systems and Processes into Place OR continue to watch endless webinars and download every freebie that you scroll into?


Rise Up with God Support OR have a pity party and try to navigate this online business thing on your own?






10 Weeks of Business Devo's Inspiration For Certified Coaches and Consultants

I'm a devotional fancier and a writer at heart. If you love biblical devotionals and meeting with God daily then let's be friends.

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