Lori Cavallero

From 25 Years at Corporate to Confident Coaching Business Owner: A Success Story

Lori Cavallero, a highly accomplished HR executive with over two decades of experience, recognized the need to fulfill her true potential by starting her own coaching business. However, she faced challenges regarding where to begin and lacked confidence in managing her own business.


Meet my client Lori, a successful HR executive with over a decade of experience in the corporate world. Despite her professional accomplishments, Lori couldn't shake the feeling that she wasn't living up to her full potential and God given assignment. She wanted to start her own coaching business but felt fearful and anxious about taking the leap.

The challenge

The coaching industry has a relatively low barrier to entry

...with new coaches continuously entering the market. She needed a well-defined strategy to establish herself as a credible expert and differentiate her services.

Lori’s biggest challenge was getting started. Although she holds two coaching certifications, she didn't know where to begin with launching her business. She lacked confidence in her abilities to manage her own business and was overwhelmed by the technicalities of building a website and setting up payment processors and everything else that comes with managing your own business.

The solution

Developing a comprehensive plan through the Porter's Five Forces analysis.

Lori and I   developed a comprehensive plan to address her specific challenges and leverage the opportunities identified through Porter's Five Forces analysis.  To read more on the key elements of the strategy see the full case study report.

The results

100% confidence increase

Through collaborative efforts, Lori and I successfully executed the strategy, establishing Lori Cavallero Coaching as a credible expert in the field. The results of our partnership include:

  • Increased Confidence and Clarity: 
  • Established Online Presence: 
  • Attracted Ideal Clients: 
  • Positioned as a Credible Expert: 

The Conclusion

Lori's success story exemplifies the power of partnering with a Certified Coach

Lori's success story exemplifies the power of strategic planning and implementation, guided by the insights provided by Porter's Five Forces framework. By partnering with me, a certified professional coach and business consultant, Lori was able to establish herself as a credible expert, attract ideal clients, and build a thriving coaching business.


We have everything we need to be successful.  I needed structure and a step-by-step map and this is what I received in the program.

Patricia Patchong
GHL Consultant

What impressed me the most was how it fills in the gaps.  The program is well structured, a roadmap!

Hannah Hammond
Life Coach

Ready to Start Doing This Thing Called Business?

By having a well-defined strategy, complete understanding of your services and offerings, engaging yet challenging tasks, valuable resources, practical tools, and user-friendly systems, you can expedite the process of turning your dream into a lucrative online business focused on your mission, surpassing your expectations in terms of speed and success!

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