Hi Coach! Why Choose Denise Milianta?

Because I can help you get it done!

I'm on a mission to preserve the integrity of our great industry by flooding the marketplace with more certified coaching businesses!


We work with the men and women who know they have been called to coach. The ones who are passionate about their assignment and willing to put in the extra work to achieve their purpose. We don't fill our programs for the sake of filling them and we do not do business merely for profit. We are Kingdom Business Builders.

We are a coaching, consulting, mentoring, and tech training company providing Christian coaches the strategies, systems, and operations for building impactful and profitable businesses with ease and without being tech-savvy.

The ultimate goal is for you to place your footprint in the Kingdom and make an impact and a profit while walking out 1Peter4:10 and Luke 19:14 in your life and business.


As a business coach, mentor, and consultant, I partner with men and women who are certified coaches called to entrepreneurship transforming their gifts, talents, skills, passions, and experiences into profitable businesses by teaching them how to incorporate biblical business principles of Kingdom-driven entrepreneurs with today's online business strategies.


As an online business mentor and tech trainer, Denise brings over 30+ years of business experience, and 13+ years of coaching, and has founded several businesses.  Always with a heart for helping others, Denise creates the space to help others succeed in their businesses and lives.


Her background in business start-ups, coaching, training, marketing, sales, human resources, ministry, and non-profits, accounts for her strong business acumen and zeal for empowering, equipping, educating, and encouraging others to succeed not only in business but in their personal lives as well.



If you aren't fully committed to the dream God placed in your heart, if you aren't willing to put in the work, or if you are looking for an easy, overnight solution to 6-figures, we are not the right fit for you.


The path to financial freedom is not easy but if you are obedient and committed to your calling you can achieve your financial goals and truly build a Kingdom business that provides generational wealth for years to come.


We are here to help you walk out 1Peter4:10 with coaching, consulting, strategy, training, and education to help you reach your goals.

My clients make their dreams and visions a reality

- Denise Milianta CEO, Milianta Group, LLC

Ready to Start Doing This Thing Called Business?


My mission is to help you walk out 1 Peter 4:10 with the gifts and skills God has already placed within you.  Your called to make a difference.



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