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My clients are certified by some of the leading coaching institutions such as ...


"The Coached by God" Podcast is Coming Soon!

I know that you want to become the sought-after coach in your niche resulting in profitability.

To do that, you need a blueprint.

The problem is you don’t know where or how to start your business which makes you feel overwhelmed and defeated, especially by all the tech.

It's my belief that if you’ve already invested in your hard-earned certification, YOU deserve a mentor who will thoughtfully explain and walk you through all the steps.   Because I was once in your shoes, I’ve paved an easy pathway for you.

Don't Be Held Back By a Lack of Clarity or Fear of Tech

It's True, Building a Business without a Wingman is Hard

Building a business IS hard, especially when you have no support.

Like me, you probably began your coaching dream with a fired-up heart and excitement, and in full throttle ..but it didn’t take long before the confusion, chaos,  discouragement, and distraction took over.

I know because I have walked in your shoes.

It's easy to get discouraged…(I know this too) especially when you have multiple passions and a lot of knowledge…you become confused about what niche you should choose using your gifts, talents, skills, and experiences.

Do You Find Yourself Rumenating on these Questions?

  • What coaching niche or specialization should I choose?
  • How do I find my first and next clients and build a coaching practice?
  • How can I set my coaching fees and pricing that's fair to both me and my clients?
  • How do I establish a solid brand identity and messaging?
  • Am I even knowledgeable and skilled enough to do this?
  • I'm confused by all the moving pieces like a website and automation and I'm not tech-savvy!

Nearly 82% of coaching businesses fail within the first 2 years. Since no coach wants to fail, you should walk alongside someone who has succeeded and can mentor you.


I offer you a complete pathway that will ensure your business succeeds way longer than two years.

Leverage Your Hard-Earned Coaching Certification

In 3 months or less from right now, you can have a solid coaching business with a winning business model, clarity, a strong persuasive offer, and confidence in your pricing with a client onboarding system that will turn your clients into raving fans.  It is 100% doable!

What you can expect...

Solid Foundation

Whether you are just starting your coaching journey or seeking to enhance your existing practice we will empower you to establish a rock-solid foundation, ensuring your business flourishes and your clients experience a remarkable transformation. Embark on this transformative journey with me and lay the groundwork for a successful coaching career.

Systems and Tools

My expertly designed curriculums will equip you with the knowledge and skills to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies, automation tools, and streamlined processes into your coaching practice. Let me empower you to work smarter, not harder, and build a thriving digital empire that leaves a lasting impact on your clients' lives.

Sales and Growth

Whether you're a seasoned coach looking to revitalize your business or a newcomer seeking to make a powerful impact, our program will equip you with the tools and insights to elevate your sales game and drive remarkable growth. Embrace the power of sales, seize new opportunities, and watch your coaching business flourish beyond your wildest dreams.

I know how frustrating it is to try build a coaching business.

Hey Coach!  I'm Denise Milianta. I know that by having a well-defined strategy, a complete understanding of your services and offerings, engaging yet challenging tasks, valuable resources, practical tools, and user-friendly systems, you can expedite the process of turning your dream into a lucrative online business focused on your mission, surpassing your expectations in terms of speed and success!

Copy of working with me



Understanding that the online space is noisy and a playground for chaos and distraction, I've paved the pathway where your investment in your coaching certification finds its greatest value. Your journey toward empowered leadership and lasting success begins here.

Here's Where I Come In...

and How I Can Help

Working with me is a unique combination of coaching, mentoring, consulting, and tech training. I promise to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty!  I won't just coach you on what to do...I actually teach you HOW to do it!

Get Moving

No doubt the hardest step is the first one! Le'ts clear out the doubts, distractions, and limiting beliefs that are you holding you back.

Discover Your Purpose

Picking a niche based on trends and profitability is the biggest mistake you can make.  With my unique strategy, you will know exactly what your purpose is.

Stay Focused

Keeping your eye on the prize, eliminating the online noisy advice, and with weekly goals, you will be on the right pathway to success.

Easy to Use Systems

Workable and easy-to-use systems that automate your business so you can focus on what you are called to do...even if you are not techy!

Fruitful Formula

Pricing your services and products so that you not only make an impact in the world but also make a profit is important.  I'll teach you how to create a Kingdom profit-plan.

Craft & Create Offers

This is the fun part!  Learn how to craft and create your offers in a way that feels right and aligns with your purpose.  It doesn't have to be complicated.

Here's What Lora Had to Say!

"Denise Milianta is a top-notch coach who really knows her stuff. She is a wealth of knowledge for those seeking to start or enhance a business venture. She is truly an asset to those who get the pleasure to work with her. I am so grateful for her integrity and willingness to help from crafting an offer, laying out a course structure, and providing the steps to overcome the technical issues with starting and launching a new business."

- Lora B. CEO, Clean Slate Financial Coaching

Working with me is easy

Choose Your Path

Choose the path that best fits where you are right now and based upon the commitment that best works for you.

Book A Call

In 30 minutes or less you will have clarity on what your next steps, your vision, and what's holding you back.

You'll be transformed

In about a year from now, you will not recognize your former self.  You and your business will look different.

You Choose Your Path of Least Resistance

All paths include direct access to me!

Number of Coaches I've helped Get Clarity in Their Coaching Businesses

I started my entrepreneurial journey in the exact place you are at today!

I asked myself all of the above questions for many years. I couldn't land on one thing.

Because I had so much to offer, I created so much internal chaos, and my mindset was busier than a freeway.

The result was a very long delay in taking that step of faith AND obedience to the calling God had on my life.

All I wanted was for someone to help me know what my purpose was.

All I wanted was for someone to help me put it all together once I discovered my purpose.

All I wanted was for someone to show me what systems I needed for an online business.

All I wanted was for someone to teach me how to use all of the systems I needed...

All I wanted was help…but what I got was overwhelm, everyone trying to sell me everything but what I was looking for.


"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms." 1 Peter 4:10

Clarity Course for Certified Coaches

If you are here there's a good chance you are ready to start or grow your coaching or consulting business.  I've created this minicourse to help certified coaches just like you get crystal clear on a few foundational steps.  It's the same stuff I teach my 6-month paying clients.


The online space is noisy and a playground for chaos and distraction, what I offer you is a sanctuary of order, structure, and empowerment. I have meticulously thought out every detail, sparing you the frustration and uncertainty that often accompany building a business. I honor the investment you've made and seek to maximize its value.

So, don't let your investment in your coaching certification go to waste. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit within you and build a coaching business that reflects your passion, expertise, and unique brand voice. The world needs your guidance, and your clients are waiting for the transformation you can provide. Together, let's make a difference and get this done.  Now is the time!


"Denise helped me articulate and put down in words what I'm good at, what problem I solve, who I serve, and what goals I can take in order to move forward with my business. She gave me great takeaway action steps, the summary of our conversation, and also included the recording for me to refer back to.

I highly recommend reaching out to Denise if you feel stuck and aren't making much progress in your business, you won't be disappointed! - Kylie T.

"I was just like you searching for exactly what you are looking for and I found it in Denise Milianta! She has had the patience and grace of leading me as a knowledgeable consult and guide with mad coaching skills that help me in ways that include website, funnel fun, FB group, and marketing madness where I lacked the technology and unblocked my own internal enemies. Because of her, and myself, of course, I am now unstoppable. Denise is a godsend ❤️❤️❤️

Interview each contestant on the Price is Right with each coach you are interested in. You are a prize. I vote for Denise because she rocked my world. Trust your gut and have a conversation with her ❤️"  Lori Wear

"I didn’t know what to expect when I started to work with Denise. Her enthusiasm, expertise, and authentic care for my success together with her experience have enabled me to find a clear path for my business and I can now continue with new skills and mindsets.

Denise doesn’t give you fish; she shows you how to fish instead. I had the freedom to continue to pursue what was important to me and at the same time be gently encouraged to try out new ideas.

I now have measurable results, like my coaching programme and pricing structure." Teresa Mack

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Kingdom Empowered Entrepreneur Programs

For certified coaches of all faiths called to "Engage in Business".



This program is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, commitment, and a burning desire to transform your coaching business. But rest assured, the rewards are immeasurable. By the end of the 30 days, you'll experience a significant shift in your confidence, clarity, and ability to attract clients and generate revenue.  Designed for rapid results and rapid growth!



The Business & Tech School for Certified Coaches is a comprehensive program designed to empower and equip certified coaches with the essential business foundations to start and build a thriving coaching practice. This unique training combines education, mentoring, coaching, and consulting to provide a holistic learning experience tailored specifically for certified coaches.  One-of-a-kind experience!



Kingdom Empowered Entrepreneur Program is a transformational 12-month mentorship program tailored exclusively for certified coaches who are ready to take their coaching business to new heights. As a certified coach, you've already honed your coaching skills, and now it's time to focus on the business side of your practice.  Walk away understanding how to run a business AND become a master of all the tech!

I understand that your investment extends far beyond monetary contributions. It encompasses the fervor of your time, the intensity of your energy, and the unwavering dedication you bring to your craft. I pledge to honor every fragment of your investment, propelling you towards a realm of unparalleled success as a fearless Christian coach.


Stop the overwhelm now! This comprehensive guide is designed to equip you with the 6 essential tools and systems necessary to launch and grow your coaching business in the digital realm.

Here's What Julie Had to Say!

"I wanted to take my coaching business to the next level. When I met with Denise, I had no idea what that looked like. Denise asked me questions, looked through my stuff, and worked with me to come up with a plan. She was able to break it down for me so I not only knew what to do, but I also learned how and can replicate this going forward. When I got stuck, Denise walked me through and helped me get unstuck. She held me accountable, checked in with me, and helped me get set up. She was sensitive to the needs of my clients, generous with her time, such a pleasure to work with, and gets things done! Thank you, Denise!" - JULIE BECKERMAN, High Conflict Resolution Coach

Ready to Start Doing This Thing Called Business?

By having a well-defined strategy, complete understanding of your services and offerings, engaging yet challenging tasks, valuable resources, practical tools, and user-friendly systems, you can expedite the process of turning your dream into a lucrative online business focused on your mission, surpassing your expectations in terms of speed and success!

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